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Dominic Egizzi is an author, director and producer of high-standard documentaries and reports. The films he was responsible for have reached millions of viewers, received very good reviews and prestigious awards.

Dominic Egizzi studied English and Political Science in Cologne and Hamburg. Parallel to his studies, he has worked as an author, researcher and producer – amongst others for MTV, VH1, MME, ZDF, taz, DIE ZEIT, Prinz and many more. Moreover, Dominic Egizzi has edited and directed numerous audiobooks.

From 2002 to 2014, he worked as an author, director and senior producer for the renowned TV-production company ECO Media TV. During this time, he was responsible for more than 100 documentaries and reports, covering many themes and genres, such as: investigative research, portraits, science, current affairs, social reports, sports, politics.

The films were mainly commissioned by the two biggest German broadcasting stations “Das Erste” (and its regional subsidiaries)” and “ZDF” (both public broadcasters).

In 2015, Dominic Egizzi has left ECO Media TV to work as freelance author, director and producer.

For more information (in German language) please visit: Filmografie, Vita, Auszeichnungen, Presse